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Betty, at Teacherlingo- another cool blogging site for teachers- wrote about a great teacher who taught the news daily. I began a reply on her blog but decided I was writing too much!!  Our students in NZ are sadly ignorant of the news and
can often only spout the cliches that they hear from their parents (immigration is bad, Cambridge exams are good, China is taking over the world, the USA
is only interested in Middle East oil etc. )  Without reading newspapers,
there are no informed opinions, little critical thinking,  and these young
people (in my case secondary students)  are the future decision makers of our world! And the issues they will be dealing with are crucial to our planet- global warming, globalisation, biotechnology, nuclear issues, the spread of Islam.

I think we as teachers have a moral obligation to teach the news and reading the front page of a newspaper every day is a great start.  Do you know this
website  ??      http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/
This website has front pages from most newspapers around the world.  Great for comparing bias in news and for obtaining an insight into what is important for a country, cultural mores etc.  If you have a projector, you can project front pages on similar themes and discuss the difference in headlines.

If we don’t teach our young people the news, and allow them to think about and discuss issues that will undoubtedly affect them in the future, we are helping to disempower them politically and ensuring a continuation of so many worrying political, social and economic policies that clearly need informed debate.

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